Mar 05, 2017 03 00 PM EST
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Sound: The Sacred Language and Healing

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Sound: The Sacred Language and Healing

Learn how sound can be utilized to facilitate healing on many levels.

In this workshop we will expound on the connections between sacred sound, sacred sequence, and sacred geometry, and show how all of these elements are brought together with the invention and use of the Lambdoma Keyboard. This keyboard is micro-tonal and is based on the foundational knowledge of Pythagoras. It is able to play ratios and frequencies of music combining color, music, and math. We will delve into the basic scientific aspects of sound, how sound has been used in the past, as well as ongoing research in the field. It will explain how music, art, color, math, ratios, light and frequencies are all connected in a tri-fold way. The presentation will encompass how one finds their own specific keynote and frequency, and how it can be used.  A demonstration of this will be done in the class with the Lamdoma Keyboard with the participants.With Robin Richardson.
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